Confident, forward-thinking, and 80 million strong, Millennials are reshaping the workplace.

Also known as Gen-Y, young people born between 1980 and 2000 have had a profound impact on the workplace environment in the short time they’ve been working. Workplace experts say they’re unlike previous generations, and that’s forcing a cultural shift on companies and managers. Ask any HR professional or manager if s/he has noticed a difference in attitude, expectations, work ethic and social skills with the new generation and you’ll get an ear full.

As more baby boomers retire, this sizable generation will become an increasingly vital segment of the workforce.  What motivates them at work? What are their career goals? What do they expect from their employer? How do they view their workplace roles and responsibilities? What makes this generation different from previous generations?  Why don’t they respond to traditional management systems?

How do business leaders extract the best out of their youngest workers?  Our on-site workshops and seminars can assist you in developing and enhancing your proficiency in leading, mentoring, and managing Millennial recruits.


“Millennials Defined” – 50 minute presentation focusing on demographic and behavioral data.

“Managing Millennials” – 50 minute presentation focusing on effective methods for managing your youngest workers.

“Recruiting Millennials” – 50 minute presentation focusing on techniques for recruiting the best and brightest.

“Marketing to Millennials” – 50 minute presentation designed to assist small business leaders in developing effective marketing messages for this new generation.

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