Our Philosophy

At Human Performance Advisors we believe in order to be most effective as a consultant or advisor is to approach the client relationship as that of a “Sherpa.” A Sherpa is a member of an ethnic people group from Nepal who live in the Himalayas and is frequently paid to guide and lead mountain climbing expeditions up Mt. Everest. Sherpas are highly regarded as elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain.  When Western mountaineers first set their sights on the world's highest peak, they found in the Sherpas a people ideally suited to the rigors of high-altitude climbing, familiar with the terrain, and equipped with a clear understanding of the appropriate objectives required to successfully make the ascent. While critical to the success of the expedition and the safety of the climbers, they never appear in the pictures or are offered credit for the achievement – they are there for the sake of their clients.