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· Managing Millennials

Confident, forward-thinking, and 80 million strong, Millennials are reshaping the workplace. READ MORE...

· The Leader as a Coach

· The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

· Leading One on One

· What do you need to change in order to succeed in today's
fast changing business climate?

· Do you have a “bullet-proof” strategic plan that will lead to the
successful achievement of your organization’s mission?

· Do you need a change agent to redesign and revitalize
your organization?

· Have you considered performing a customer survey and
results assessment to pinpoint best practices and focus on
key initiatives?

· Do you have the appropriate leadership plan in place to take
you to the next evolution in your business?

· Do you have a plan to maximum the performance and
potential of your people?

· Do you need a confidential sounding board to take your game to the next level?

· Are you adequately equipped to lead?

· Are you looking to significantly elevate your leadership ability?

· Are you struggling to achieve what you desire to achieve in your life and business?

· Are you conflicted about your personal long term goals for your business?

· Is it time to bring balance to your personal and work lives, or to establish how your
values should impact your business?

· Is it time to make meaningful changes to your life and career, pursue a dream, transition
out of day-to-day operations, or incorporate activities that can revitalize you?

· Are you ready to engage in self development, make yourself more marketable, advance
professionally or recharge your passion for what you're doing?

· Do you know all of the risks inherent to your business, and do you have adequate
controls in place to ensure these risks are appropriately mitigated?

· Have you established a risk tolerance, and has it been communicated enterprise wide?

· Would you find value in an advisor that could keep you informed and compliant with the
ever-changing regulatory and compliance environment?

· Do you need someone to ensure your best interests are protected in contract
negotiations and business transactions?

· Do you have adequate policies and procedures to protect your business and

· What key financial issues will your practice face in the next month, year, five-years?

· Would you benefit from an independent analysis of your operating results and financial

· Do you know how your business is performing compared to industry and peer standards?

· Have you considered an enterprise wide cost reduction strategy to boost your bottom

· Are processes in place to leverage revenue producing activities and streamline
non-revenue generating ones?

· Do you need assistance with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance or internal control

· Do you lie awake at night wondering what would happen if you got audited?

· As a small business owner, are you taking all of the income tax deductions that you are


We Provide Coaching and Consulting Services to Non-Profit Leaders
and Agencies at a Reduced Rate

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